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Alternative title:

sora (Japanese)
السماء (Arabic)

Genres: drama, psychological, romance, supernatural

Plot Summary: Yorito Morimiya loves taking pictures of the sky so much that one day, he wakes up at 4 am to take pictures of the sunrise overlooking the bay. However, he is deterred when he meets a strange girl trying to force a vending machine that stole her money. Yorito helps her with forcing the machine but when the machine finally vends, the girl has mysteriouslly vanished.


Episode 1- “The Sky-Colored Umbrella”

Episode 2 – “Looking Up at the Blue”

Episode 3 – “Peaceful Day”

Episode 4 – “Two People’s Wish”

Episode 5 – “Raining Light”

Episode 6 – “Blood of a Sacrifice”

Episode 7 – “Gray Night”

Episode 8 – “Unfading Feelings”

Episode 9 – “End of a Promise”

Episode 10 – “Flickering Illusion”

Episode 11 – “Pictures of a Reverie”

Episode 12 – “The Boundary Between Light and Dark”

Episode 13 – “Sky”

OVA’s : They also have 2 ovas but unfortunately I haven’t found a streaming video for that. Anyways, There are still plots here. ^_^

“A Different Route”

Chronologically, this episode occurs between episodes four and five of the television broadcast. Koyori wins tickets to a family-oriented spa and water park that just recently opened; Yorito, Koyori, Mana and her friends go together, though Aono has to stay in the hospital. Coincidentally, Takeshi also wins tickets to the spa, and takes Mayuko with him. At the park, Takeshi and Yorito meet, and Takeshi initially chases Yorito since he thinks Matsuri is at the park too, but she also could not go because of her condition of a Yaka. After realizing Matsuri is not at the park, Takeshi calms down, and Yorito meets Mayuko; the rest of Yorito’s friends also meet them. After the sun goes down, Matsuri comes to the park, but thankfully Takeshi and Mayuko have already left.

“Towards the Dawning Sky”

This episode serves as a prologue to the series and leads up to the events at the beginning of episode one. Mana is getting frustrated at Yorito for going to take pictures of the sky when he is supposed to be visiting his sister Aono in the hospital. The day before Aono’s birthday, Mana has to practically drag Yorito around to order a cake, and the two go and visit Aono in the hospital later. While there, Yorito decides to bring Aono some photos of the sky the next time he visits, though Aono wants a photo of the sunrise. Yorito goes home to print out photos of the sunrise, but thinks something is wrong with them and goes out to take a new photo. While out, he meets Matsuri for the first time.

Comments: I haven’t seen this anime. I saw this in a magazine given to me by my classmate during my birthday. Hopefully I could watch this anime soon. I think it’s interesting though.. ^_^


Video Streaming from Pisoga

OVA plots and Episode Lists from Wikipedia


1 thought on “Sola”

  1. its quite decent. the story isn’t really THAT interesting, but there are some good points in it. like how the story ended. the ED is awesome too. i haven’t watched the two OVAs yet. maybe they’re not available in malaysia. i’m not sure. anyway~ happy watching!

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