A Final Requiem to a Stranger

On that one warm summer’s day
We met as unknown strangers as it may
We talked, we shared a smile
Lingered on for awhile, then we went our ways

Don’t waste your time trying to deny it
Why don’t you face your true feelings?
I love you so much; I want to be the one
To share your life and dreams yet it couldn’t be

You don’t love me, you love someone else
And right now sweetheart, you’re killing me
I will miss you but I’m letting you go
I will let you go for the very last time

I’ll say goodbye coz I know your love will never be mine
I’ll say goodbye and just let this feeling die
I’ll say goodbye and I will try to get you off my mind
I’ll say goodbye and try not to miss you this time

Though I know I will be hurt and I will cry
Yes, I will cry but just for tonight
And tomorrow I hope, I will be alright
Yes, goodbye…tomorrow I will be alright

credits from -deville of TDP


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